Please read all the provisions of this disclaimer carefully.

The content of this whitepaper may be modified or updated at any time at the discretion of the Staika team. This whitepaper has been prepared and distributed only to those interested in the Staika platform and project for future planning and goals, and the information contained in this paper has not been reviewed, examined, or approved by the regulatory authorities. Therefore, be sure to consult experts in various fields such as law, tax, and finance before making a decision on purchasing or investing related to the Staika platform.

The information introduced and defined in this whitepaper is based solely on the time of writing and may change the direction, roadmap, proress, etc. of the project differently from the information introduced in this paper as technology advances, legislation and institutions change. It also does not guarantee the accuracy and completeness of the market and technology analysis, prospects, underlying data, and future-planned forms of content introduced in this paper, and the Staika team is not liable for it.

This whitepaper is not intended as a business plan, documentation, proposal, etc. and should not be construed as a proposal for the sale, purchase of investment of coins in any case. The contents introduced in this paper should not be used as the basis for the decision, and the damages and profits resulting from it are entirely at the discretion of the investor. In the event of such tangible or intangible damage, loss, or debt, the Staika team will not be liable for compensation.

Part or all of this whitepaper may not be reproduced or distributed in areas where digital coin transactions are prohibited or restricted, and any person in the legal jurisdiction, such as citizens or residents, may not trade coins related to the Staika project. this whitepaper may be officially or informally translated into several foreign languages, and the Korean version will be preferred if there is a discrepancy in content, format etc. between the versions.

Each token under the Staika platform has nothing to do with stocks and voting rights and is only a means of accessing and using platforms and services. The token should not be mistaken for currency, bonds, stocks, options, and derivatives, and holding the token alone does not guarantee any return or regular compensation.

Unexpected risks, such as technological advances, market indifference, and institutional changes, can reduce the value of the token, and buyers may have to endure material losses for a long time. In addition, various tax burdens such as transfer tax and income tax arising from the purchase and disposal of tokens may also occur. Therfore, it is recommended to consult experts in various fields such as tax, finance, and law on potential risks and the consepuences of the transaction before making purchasing and investment decisions.

It is entirely up to the participants to determine whether they can legally purchase coins for a variety of other reasons, including the use of services related to the Staika project. Natural people, citizens, and corporations in areas that prohibit and restrict the transaction of digital tokens by national law or policy should not trade tokens under the Staika Project. If an unidentified person or a transaction he or she intends to make is judged to be a criminal or illegal transaction, he or she may face restrictions on the transaction of the Staika coin. In addition, the legality of the business using various earnig apps related to the project, including the Staika M2E services, may not be opened or may be suspended unexpectedly by the laws and regulations of each country.

The Staika team will faithfully develop and operate, but the project may fail, be suspended, delayed and scrapped due to irresistible risks, including changes in circumstances, technological advancement or market interest, and the team will not guarantee the completion or full operation of the platform. Decisions on the coin ecoystem and operation, including coin issuance, distribution, sale, and liquidation, are made at the discretion of the Staika operation team. The roadmap introduced in this paper may change depending on the situation and major changes may be notifiend through official channels such as the homepage.

Decentralized blockchain projects are exposed to many unexpected risks: competitive risks with other platforms·hacking risks such as harmful codes·loss of keys·catastrophic events such as natural disasters·risks from companies and individuals' lack of interest in platforms, risks from changes in the political, social, and economic environment·changes in the stock or cryptocurrency market environment and risks from technological advances such as the development of quantum computing. The Staika team shall not be responsible for all risks, including the aforementioned.

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