Mileage units configuration

The mileage(point) units used in the Staika service.

GO : Activity score unit

GO is an activity score unit earned based on the activity (exercise, games, etc.) of the user of the Staika service.

  • Name : GO

  • Ticker : GO

  • Characteristics : Reset daily

Users acquire GO through activities (games or exercises measured by GPS and step sensors).

Tiaka : Mileage(Point) token

TAIKA is a mileage point unit used within the Staika service.

  • Name : Taika

  • Ticker : TIK

  • Characteristics : Fixed value, internal distribution only

Users earn TAIKA rewards daily based on a settlement process of their earned GO. After settlement, GO and the integrated leaderboard gets initialized.

  • gazaGO Settlement time: 00: 00 to 0030 (KST : UTC + 9)

  • Defengo Settlement Time : 09:00 to 09:30 (KST : UTC + 9)

To prevent inflation, a separate supply cap mechanism is applied to TAIKA.

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