Staika Wallet

A core service that oversees all the goods and mileage within the project and provides an easy payment method

1. Introduction

Staika Wallet service allows users to easily store, deposit and transfer your valuable digital assets with convenient and secure cryptocurrency e-wallets.

  • Staika wallet is the main app of the project as the core service which is a multi-listing network wallet.

  • The wallet to exchange and transfer money in a decentralized manner, including token and NFT verification acquired from using M2E and P2E service.

  • Users can swap Staika tokens (STIKs) in a decentralized manner.

  • After initial identity authentication, it is simple and easy to use through SNS login and bio login methods and minimize the risk of losing keys.

  • The rewards earned through the use of X2E services with the Go-4-Benefit model will be expanded to payment methods in affiliated local stores and facilities.

  • Wallet development SDK documentation will be created and distributed in multiple languages to enable responsiveness to the global environment.

  • The Alliance SDK provides priority access to the Alliance.

    Ultimately, the main app will be equipped with features as a means of decentralized services such as payments/transmissions on the extended platform. (We plan to develop a separate Staika mainnet for the addition of DeFi functionality and sidechain development support.)

  • In conjunction with the Staika NFT Marketplace, users can use their Taika (point units) and Staika tokens to donate directly to environmental conservation projects registered by NGOs and receive progress reports periodically.

2. Features

| Sign-up with one tap

You can sign up and complete the creation of a wallet by tapping into one of your social media accounts without the complicated procedure of storing the encryption key.

| Simple and Convenient Digital Asset Management

The current status of user's holdings are provided by the world's most trusted cryptocurrency data institutions. The features are designed for easy-to-use trading of multiple cryptocurrencies such as Solana Coin and Staika Token.

| The Most Secure and Convenient Transactions

You can easily transfer money between Staika members, and frequently used addresses can be managed by as “favorites”.

STIK Holder Benefits

Holders who use the Staika wallet and hold more than a certain balance can receive more benefits.

  • Provides stamina and durability recharge benefits that can be used in gazaGO

  • Gems or energy recharge benefits available in defenGO

  • Benefits provided depending on the amount of STIK held in Staika Wallet

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