Staika Project Solutions

The Stika project offers a way forward together in the blockchain market.

| Operational experience familiar with institutional regulation

It is a project developed by a team familiar with regulations and systems based on financial investment solution development/operation experience such as stock automatic investment robo-advisors and system trader businesses, and it is possible to respond sensitively to the introduction of regulations for institutional inclusion.

| Providing a user experience with familiar patterns

The STAICA project's services are developed based on the design of a mobile app experience that is familiar to the general public. Each service solves the difficult and technical onboarding process and usage through a user-familiated UI, easy and convenient usability, and a reward system that provides fun and rewards.

| M2E(Move-To-Earn) service without a barrier to enter

Removes barriers to entry with health activity-based rewards apps that anyone can use right out of the box with the purchase of tokens and NFT items. Users can use the service in a way that rewards them by walking and hiking and can be consumed by purchasing physical goods or virtual items within the app, and secure a healthy cash flow by linking them to offline stores of affiliated brands and purchases within local commercial areas in the future.

| P2E(Play-To-Earn) linked to all services in platform

Rewards earned through gameplay are designed to be used across project services, rethinking user satisfaction by applying a virtuous cycle of possible rewards and consumption, from purchases of physical goods to donations to support environmental conservation activities. In addition, we will establish our identity as an ESG service by expanding the purchase/use of environmental conservation products and services through links with various environmental conservation-related NGOs and businesses.

| NFT-linked physical goods and services

Actively utilizing the properties of irreplaceable tokens, we solve problems such as copyright by providing NFT-based services that can purchase not only virtual items but also increase social contributions by applying NFT-based services that can be applied to NFT-certified items in online stores, NFT-certified items that can be purchased for free by purchasing physical products, upcycling services that can be regenerated NFT-linked real products for new uses, and NFT donation services that can be certified by NGOs such as environmental organizations.

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