Staika Whitepaper v1.02
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Project Business Model

Staika project has a hybrid business model that combines multiple revenue channel public interest and revenue businesses.
Starting with the token reward system based on the user's actions, revenue and commissions are generated from the sale of physical products and NFT products from stores/affiliates. When purchasing physical products from stores and affiliates in offline stores, NFT items are airdropped and imported from offline to the Staika service to activate online transactions. We will also partner with local upcycling workshops and associations to provide used upcycling NFT stores and offline bases.
By providing services, namely taxation for future virtual asset-based revenues, it is realized for affiliated/entry brands and provides benefits to users. We realize ESG management by donating profits to NGOs and social enterprises or participating in crowdfunding.
Staika Project has officially launched M2E service(gazaGO) and P2E service(defenGO).
We plan to provide users with more than 75% of advertising revenue generated from the service as a reward. By providing users with revenue as a reward, you can gather users more quickly to grow the Staika project, expand the store brand through B2B partnerships, and induce participation in B2G institutions.
This hybrid commercialization model of the public service and profit business encourages the use of affiliated/in-shop brands of users, and provide opportunities for business growth to affiliated/in-shop brands by providing customized advertising services.