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Defengo holds an IP with a focus on environmental protection.

| Game Background Story

In the Earth’s final frontier—the Antarctic—a desolate expanse of ice and snow stretches as far as the eye can see.

Yet, humanity’s greed and ignorance threaten this pristine land. The world already faces the harsh reality of global warming, and the Antarctic glaciers are melting inexorably.

Enter the Guardians of the Ice, brave souls who stand against this crisis. These guardians battle tirelessly to prevent pollution and waste from contaminating the glaciers.

As players, you’ll step into their icy boots, handling trash disposal and protecting the fragile ice. But if we fail, the glaciers will continue to melt, and the sanctuaries of the Guardians will crumble.

The Guardians of the Ice represent our last hope—a chance to alter the fate of the glaciers.

So, let’s rally together, protect our planet, and emerge victorious in the war for the ice!

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