Staika Whitepaper v1.02
English 1.02 ver
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Project Goal

The Staika project aims to become a trusted blockchain project through continuous technology development based on user experience and customer experience. The project consists of multi-listing cryptocurrency wallet with convenience and security, M2E (Move-To-Earn) service that can give users healthy lifestyle and fun, P2E (Play-To-Earn) service that can raise awareness of environmental protection and fun through competition, and the trusted Staika NFT Marketplace. Designed with scalability in mind, the Staika project is based on an affordable and easy-to-use payment service. We plan to strengthen the Staika token economy by combining wallet services and various content to create a trustworthy blockchain ecosystem that provides new experiences and monetary benefits to users. In addition, we plan to expand the Staika ecosystem by distributing the 'Alliance SDK' so that developers who want to participate in the Staika project can easily participate in projects.

| Staika Wallet

Staika wallet as the main service of the project
  • Staika Wallet, which is the core of this project, is a multi-listing network wallet.
  • You can check the balance of tokens and NFTs obtained from M2E and P2E, and exchange and remit tokens.
  • Users can swap Staika tokens (STIK) for other coins in the Staika Wallet.
  • After user's initial identity verification, the wallet is easy to use, through simple login and biometric authentication, and the risk of key loss is very low.
  • Wallet development SDK guide is written and distributed in multiple languages for the SDK to be used globally.
  • The Alliance SDK gives the preferential permission to the Alliance. Ultimately, the main app functions as a means of decentralized services such as payment/transfer on an extended platform. (We plan to develop a separate Staika mainnet to add DeFi functions and support sidechain development.)

| M2E Service

M2E service that help you can make money through experience
  • The M2E service serves as an Earning App, where Taika tokens are mined when users exercise with it, and users can purchase items or repair equipments and grow within the service.
  • Instead of repeatly playing to only get tokens, users actually engage in physical activities and the M2E service mechanism fairly tracks and reflects the activities as performance so it is possible to provide content that satisfies both the body and mind at the same time.
  • In addition to the tokens mined, the NFT-based rewards, that are given upon completion of specific challenges, strengthen the users' items. The NFTs can be freely traded in the marketplace and users can expect some increases in their value.
  • The NFT reward can also be enhanced by synthesis (minting) and Staika's token, STIK, is required during the process so its demand can be generated.
  • Unlike some services that help users simply walk or run, Staika M2E services, that are based on themes such as mountain climbing, golf, and cycling, allow users to voluntarily share their achievements and rewards in media formats such as photos and videos on social media.
  • Based on its elaborately designed mechanism, the Staika M2E service can be expanded to various exercise services for the health of users through DAO in the future.
  • Using 'Alliance SDK', M2E service can be implemented quickly and various content can be easily ported.

| P2E Service

Play-To-Earn service that can improve awareness of environmental protection and fun through competition
  • The Staika Project's P2E service was launched for ESG management, and it is designed to help users think more about environmental protection as well as the rewards of playing games.
  • Users can naturally think about environmental protection while defending the in-game stages while playing.
  • Because strategic factors such as interest, boss, mission, and probabilistic factors such as summoning, synthesis, and loss of life are reflected in the difficulty and reward, users can experience a service that is fun, not just for mining.
  • Co-op mode for strategic rewards, competitive PvP systems, and continuous addition of environmental theme content will lead to user retention.
  • Characters in the P2E service can be synthesized and strengthened by in NFT form, and the NFT value can be expected to increase in the market depending on the rarity of the character.
  • When character NFTs are traded at the Staika Marketplace, STIK, the Staika token, is used and it can boost its token economy.
  • By using 'Alliance SDK', developers can implement their own P2E service quickly and easily port various content.

| Staika NFT Marketplace

Staika NFT Marketplace for convenient trading with easy UI-UX
  • In the Staika Project NFT Marketplace, NFTs received as rewards or minted in M2E and P2E services in Staika service can be traded.
  • In the case of existing NFT Marketplaces, in addition to signing up for exchange membership, complicated procedures for creating and linking additional wallet accounts are required, but the Staika NFT Marketplace can be easily linked with the Staika wallet.
  • The Staika NFT Marketplace based on the Solana blockchain offers faster and cheaper fees compared to Ethereum, enabling easy NFT transactions with low entry barriers.
  • We will prioritize the protection of investors and owners, which is the biggest unstable factor in investing in digital assets.
  • Among the Staika project services, the part that requires a digital asset operator license through ISMS certification will be serviced after acquiring the license.