Project Goal

We aim to expand and strengthen the ecosystem through alliances with various industries.

The STAIKA project aims to build an activity-based lifestyle services platform that can be allianced with various service companies in the lifestyle industry such as travel, leisure, and culture.

The Starica service platform consists of four business areas: the STAIKA payment business sector centered on wallet services that govern all the goods in the project and provide easy payment methods, the M2E-based active healthcare business sector, the P2E game-based Fun Life business sector, and the NFT-based social activity commerce business sector, including ESG services with no boundaries for real and virtual products.

Each business field is designed to allow the gradual expansion of business performance and user experience based on mutual organic relationships, and aims to strengthen the STAIKA token economy by using content that allows users to enjoy fun and various experiences without any virtual asset-related knowledge or experience, and in the process, creating a trusted blockchain ecosystem where they can obtain various rewards and benefits useful in real life as well as social satisfaction.

In addition, in order to facilitate the formation of alliances with various service companies in the lifestyle industry, we will develop/distribute the " alliance SDK" to create an environment where developers and partners who wish to participate can easily and quickly participate in the business based on the STAIKA project and expand the STAIKA ecosystem together.

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