Project Governance

Staika network always operates transparently and fairly.

The governance of the Staika project is designed to enable Staika network members to participate in decision-making and consensus processes in a decentralized manner. By strengthening governance, all members participate in decision-making with equal rights without being centralized, and determine the network's rules and policies, development direction, resource distribution, etc.

We will create success and sustainability by increasing the efficiency and transparency of the Staika network, and expand the Stica ecosystem through member participation and cooperation.

The Staika project adopts governance that utilizes on-chain and off-chain in a balanced manner.

By forming a DAO(Decentralized Autonomous Organization), we use blockchain technology to ensure reliability and maintain transparency. Voting and decisions on agenda items are made on the blockchain and the results are automatically reflected in smart contracts.

The Staika Foundation places the utmost importance on the participation and consensus of network members.

When decision-making through on-chain governance is difficult, when the importance is not high or there are technical limitations, decisions are made through off-chain governance and are announced through various channels (community, SNS, etc.).

The Staika Project will continue to provide members with opportunities to discuss freely through various channels and devise ways to express opinions on agenda items.

And to increase transparency and trust in DAO operations and management, we plan to fully disclose the decision-making process. In addition, we will notify you of whether the agenda has been reflected and share the results to show that our members' opinions are being well reflected.

The Staika Foundation will continue to provide a user experience that allows governance members to easily understand and access each step.

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