Taika (TIK)

The mileage (point) token for Staika project

  • Taika is a player-only reward mileage point earned when a user receives as a reward for their performance in an M2E or P2E service of the Staika project, or participates in a related event and performs a mission.

  • Taika is given as a reward for a user's performance, and users can use Taika to purchase, repair, or upgrade items within the service and continue the experience of the service.

  • The reasons for paying rewards within the service as Taika, a separate mileage token rather than the Staika token are as followings.

    • Taika is a token with a fixed value within staika service and is not allowed to be distributed externally.

    • Since Staika's price is volatile, users need a means to clearly recognize the fixed value based on their performance.

    • Rewards earned by users tend to accumulate small amounts of tokens at a frequent frequency. Therefore if the reward is given with Staika, frequent use of the blockchain network can result in excessive fees and issues such as long wait times for users.

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