NFT Marketplace (planned)

The marketplace for shopping, trading, funding, upcycling for NFT and physical goods.

1. Introduction

NFT Marketplace is a service that oversees the commerce of all NFT-related items and products within the Staika project and provides both B2C, B2B, and B2G channels in close conjunction with the Staika wallet service.

Users can purchase NFT items linked to physical goods from the marketplace, or purchase physical goods in a partner's brick-and-mortar stores to receive NFT items, and NGOs or environmental activists who engage in environmental conservation may directly mint NFT items and sell them to users to raise funds. Also NFT Marketplace also serves as an ESG service platform, such as requesting unique fashion items through upcycling outdoor wear or items and receiving exclusive NFT items as compensation for environmental conservation activities.

2. Feature

M2E, P2E NFT item tradings to enhance Staika service rewards

Users of the Staika Service can either enhance/synthetize basic items that are paid for free to increase the attainable rewards, or purchase items that provide better rewards with Staika tokens.

When users purchase physical products linked to brands affiliated with M2E and P2E services, NFT items are airdropped to increase the inflow of new users, and allow existing users to purchase various lifestyle-related products online and offline. These NFT items can also be enhanced/synthesible and can be traded on the STAICA NFT marketplace.

In addition, NGO organizations and environmental activists can register and sell project-related NFT items and use them as a project fund raising channel for public purposes.

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