Various Characters

Let us introduce you to the charming guardians of ice!

Our Guardians of Ice, from Common to Legendary, all have unique traits and charms.

| Glacier Friends

Normal Throw a snowball at a distant enemy. I am the great PengGo of the PengGo family! Take the snowball of justice!

Normal Fire shells at enemies to cause Splash Damage. Everything is bound to be equal on a single shell.

Normal It hits a nearby enemy and causes relatively high damage. Hey, kid! Isn't my horn wonderful?

Normal Provides buffs to nearby allies to increase attack power, but cannot attack. I'm not confident in combat... Can my magic really help…?

Normal The force of the moon fires hidden crescent-shaped objects to slow the target. Don't call me Lazy! It's just, it's just... annoying!

Rare Throw an icicle at a distant enemy. Icicles cause additional damage in proportion to the distance. I'm not like that green throwing a snowball!

Rare Kiring sacrifices his land first with a commitment to anyone. When upgrading, the attack speed increases. I'm always trying for the happiness and well-being of others. But… why are you putting me on the edge…?

Rare Dark Ridge fires two crescent spheres. The crescent sphere slows down the opponent, just like the Lazy. Hell, I hate being busy...! Hey foxy!

Rare Your attack power increases according to the number of water droplets you possess. Hehe, gotta be careful, so it doesn't end up rolling instead of swimming!

Unique When selling a 4-star lemmingrich, you can get additional droplets. Also, they are hiding hidden missions. Environment? Trash? What's so important! The most important thing is money!

Unique Basic wolf deals 2 times more critical damage. When upgrading, the critical probability increases. Wait a minute...! I got my nails done !!

Unique If there are no allies within a space nearby, it becomes a runaway. In the event of a runaway, additional attack power and additional attack speed are obtained. Don't get in the way of it.

Unique After a certain period of time, Darby's weapon changes. As the weapon changes, attack power and attack speed increase. (Limit 3 times) Davira, Davira! The undeniable charm of the unrivaled rabbit!

Epic It transforms every hour and attacks very fast. Freedom and rest... Everyone needs a place to rest.

Epic When attacking, if the enemy's physical strength is below a certain level, he will kill the target with a single blow. It's a horn that's been beaten a thousand times!

Epic In recall and merge, if Kyle appears, it gives the most damaging ally in the field the power of the dragon to increase its attack. Welcome. Please, have a seat and take your time if you wish to discuss the Dragon Orb. Here, the mighty power of the dragon guides everything surrounding this place.

Epic Through research, you obtain water droplets. Success in research grants access to acquiring more water droplets. The number of water droplets and the success rate of research increase according to the stars. I study the magic in drops. It's always a pleasure to explore the power of the unknown.

Epic Through continuous performance, provide a buff to friends within a cross-shaped range of 4 cells, increasing their attack speed. (Non-redundant) Buff amount increases according to the number of stars. Do you wanna listen to my guitar performance? You'll feel lighter!

Legend launch a powerful ice structure in far distance. Ice concrete leaves a circular plate Monsters passing through the chapter is slow. The glacier is a burden! Recall that breaking glaciers is a challenge to luggage! You have the honor of guarding your luggage!

Legend Fire an electric current at the monster. Electricity is transmitted around the electrocuted enemy, and the attack continues until the first electrocuted enemy dies. Electric magic is full of bright light and energy. I'm proud to light up the surroundings and protect the glaciers and the surrounding environment with the power to defeat the darkness. House...I'm obsessed with it!

Legend Fire a single dark sphere, leaving a dark mark. When four dark markers overlap, additional damage occurs. Why protect the glacier? I'm not interested in that sort of thing. If you want help, why don't you dye the ice black?

Legend After a certain period of time, it grows into one of the characters you've constructed. (Max 5 Stars) When it reaches 5 stars, the default attack is changed to a splash attack that deals spread damage. My hand is firm and resolute, but you're my buddy, PengGO. I won't lend strength to a thief

Legend You have a certain probability of assassinating the monster, instantly defeating it. Upon successful assassination, you gain an additional water droplet based on the probability. Assassination probability increases according to the number of stars. I tend to do missions at night. I can see my enemy better in the dark.

| Sea ​​Friends

Normal Attacks the nearest single enemy. I... It's not a mussel…

Rare Damage goes up every time the wave passes. Bang! Bang! Bang! Doo Doo Doo Doo Doo! How does my water gun taste!

Unique Fire a water cannon to slow the target. The Dragon Palace... She disappeared with the little mermaid!

Epic I pick things up from the sea every other cycle Please don't throw away the net!!! Please!

Legend When highnickel appears, all monsters present in the field are caught in the stun. What! I get tired easily?! How dare you! why don`t you try electric!

Legend You can recover the lost land after a certain wave. Listening to the sound of waves, you can feel the flow of vitality. Coral's magic gently wraps around all wounds, restoring the strength of life

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