Life activity M2E service that can earn rewards through hiking and walking

1. Introduction

GazaGO is a digital fitness service that is easy and fun to use for outdoor activities without any understanding on blockchain services. It is designed to start to use without the need of purchasing NFT items and users can earn rewards based on their amount of exercise. To acomplish this, we are providing products and rewards through various alliances to that can help users in real life in conjunction with the challenge, so that daily exercise activities, including hiking and walking, not become boring. Also we have enhanced convenience of users by using common language in more familiar way apart from the jargons in the blockchain business.

We hope gazaGo will allow more people to go outdoors and get healthier while walking or hiking with more fun experience.

Users receive mileage tokens (Taika), a reward point for hiking and walking activities, and use them to purchase items or repair equipment and grow within the service.

In order to prevent simple repetition of the movement to earn rewards, we have actively recruited gamification elements to compete with other users for rankings, challenge various challenges, and use the rewards received immediately in real life.

  • As a challenge marketing service for businesses and institutions, we have made it possible for services and products offered in partnership with various companies in the lifestyle industry to connect with users more quickly.

  • In addition to the point token given according to the amount of movement, NFT-based reward items (such as badges) that are given when you complete certain challenges, along with the role of strengthening items and giving personality within the service, you can freely trade in the market, allowing you to expect to increase the value of NFT items you own.

  • Equipment items, including NFT rewards, can be enhanced with composition (Minting). The Staika token, STIK, is used in this process and Staika's token economy is activated through the process.

  • The ' Alliance SDK' allows developers to quickly implement M2E services and easily port a wide variety of content.

2. Features

| Easy User Sign-Up

Social login allows you to get started without any additional input. Minimized access to your personal information and devices by obtaining access only to essential permissions, such as a terms and conditions for joining, location-based service and fitness record access.

| Game alike UI

gazaGO has a user-friendly, gamification-applied UI. We will continue to improve the UI by studying various techniques to provide users with the best user experience.

| Participatory Exercises and Challenge

Users can view their rankings on the leaderboard in two categories, challenge rankings and daily exercise rankings. Based on the earned GO, Taika (TIK) is distributed to participants at midnight each day. In the TIK acquisition history page, users can check their earned TIK so far.

| Purchasing Products with Point (TIK)

Taika (TIK), acquired from daily exercise, is a mileage point for purchasing goods and use it to purchase items at the internal store to increase their GO acquisition rate, or purchase gift vouchers at the external store.

| Minting and Trading NFTs with STIK (Planed)

Staika (STIK) is a token used in the Staika project. Users can exchange TIK acquired from gazaGO for STIK, and use STIK to mint badges or sell them in stores.

| Forming new financial assets with Stika (STIK)

Staika (STIK) is a token used in the Staika project. Users can exchange TIK acquired from gazaGO for STIK, and trade STIK with Staika wallet.

3. Quick start guide

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