Staika Whitepaper v1.02
English 1.02 ver
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Demand for Staika is the most important factor in the token economy, and from the perspective of end users and investment service users, the expected demands are as follows:
  • User (B2C)
    • When minting, synthesis and trading NFT within Staika service such as M2E and P2E
    • When using as a payment method within a specific service
  • Partnership/in-shop brand (B2B)
    • When marketing their products or services to users of the Staika project
  • Local government / National Parks (B2G)
    • When using Staika tokens in collaboration with Staika Project to revitallize the local economy
  • NGOs and Social Enterprises
    • When Staika is funded for NFT products within the Staika Project Service
  • Staika Alliance users (B2B)
    • When exchanging tokens earned as rewards for content activities and development for Staika within the Staika project service.