Staika Whitepaper v1.02
English 1.02 ver
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Token Structure

The two elements that make up the token economy of Staika are Taika(TIK), which is a reward obtained through the prticipation in M2E(Move-To-Earn) services, and Staika(STIK), which is the token of Staika ecosystem. They are designed to contribute to the maintenance and development of the Staika ecosystem and token economy, each functioning organically with its own characteristics and roles. And Aika is a fixed-value point currency that will be used on a platform that will be built on a Consortium Blockchain in the future.

| Staika (STIK)

The token of Staika ecosystem
  • The Staika token is the token of the Staika project and the ticker is marked as STIK.
  • STIK can be obtained by purchasing from a designated exchange or by swapping from a DEX(decentralized exchange) or Staika Wallet.
  • The use cases of the Staika are as follows:
    • Means to receive benefits and rewards within the Staika platform
    • Payment methods avaiable within the various services provided by the Staika platform
    • Exchange (swap) means for other altcoins
    • Payment and exchange methods(swap) for Staika-based Altcoin
  • The total issuance of the Staika is limited to 250 million and will not be issued in any case.


In-service token of Staika services
  • Taika is a player-only in-service token that users acquire when they participate in M2E services, P2E services or complete events and missions.
  • Taika is a reward for performance, and users can continue their service experience by purchasing, repairing, or upgrading items with Taika.
  • The reason why in-game rewards are paid in Taika, a separate product instead of Staika, is as follows.
    • Taika is a commodity within an app with fixed value, and it cannot be circulated outside of the ecosystem.
    • Due to Staika's price volatility, users need a means to clearly recognize the fixed value of their play.
    • The rewards tend to be accumulated in small amounts frequently, so if it is rewarded with Staika, it will inevitably result in excessive fees and waste of time in the blockchain network.

| Aika (Planned)

Fixed-value point currency
  • Aika is a fixed value point currency and is used for payment in various real world fanchises
  • Real-time payment environment based on QR code is provided.
  • Payment is made at a very low fee compared to the existing electronic payment agency (PG) service.
  • Based on Consortium Blockchain, it offers fast trading speed, low fees, and a transparent trading environment.