Introducing the first P2E game of Staika project.

1. Introduction

DefenGO is a defense-type P2E game with the concept of polar environment conservation that polar animals prevent garbage corps .It has a 2-track operation policy that separates or includes P2E functionality to be able to respond to relevant domestic and international regulations.

We are aiming for clear and simple play style, and we are preparing for secondary merchandisings such as character goods, based on various contents such as battle mode, cooperative mode, NFTization of animal friends, long survival, and league battles, and we will continue to expand the worldview of DefenGO by releasing many characters and developing harmonious concepts and various strategies that will lead the game.

2. 기능 소개

| Easy and intuitive UI-UX

It offers a convenient interface that you can fully enjoy with just a simple touch and drag.

| Providing rewards based on ranking system

Based on various ranking systems, users can receive a variety of benefits (TIK, STIK, random box, etc.).

| Purchasing goods with reward points and gems

You can buy a variety of items with ranking rewards and TIK and gems recharged with in-app payments.

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